Racing Decals

Racing Decals

Show your support of the RAC Team's efforts on race day with a donation for the Racing Against Cancer™ Racing Decals. This simple Racing Decal showcases the RAC logo that has been the staple of the RAC Team for many years. These decals are great for placement on each side of your racecar to show that you support the RAC Team.

The Racing Against Cancer™ Racing Decals may be useful in many applications and is produced with the highest of quality to ensure durability of placement. RAC Recommends these decals be placed above the tire line for longevity usage. Product Size: 3.5” x 7” Product Contents: This item contains two (2) Racing Decals Purchase an order quantity of 5 or more decals (10 total) in the same order and receive free shipping!! Enter promotional code Decals on the checkout page.


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