The RAC Story

The Racing Against Cancer Story

It is often said that one person cannot make a difference. Jon Blanchette HAS made a difference. Today, he is just one man among a dedicated and hardworking group, but it was this man’s dedication to his wife’s wishes that started the ball rolling. Jon Blanchette and Scott Gregory co-founded the Racing Against Cancer™ Team in 1996 after cancer claimed the life of Jon’s wife Jodi in 1994. The original purpose of the team was to generate awareness and funding for the American Cancer Society.


“It was her dream to make something good come from all she went through”, said Blanchette at all of the Annual Racing Against Cancer™ Team Luncheons where the funds raised during the year-long fundraising efforts are distributed to the teams’ benefactors. Blanchette has exclaimed, “I never dreamed this program could get this big.” It was an original agreement between Blanchette and Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut that spawned the birth of the Racing Against Cancer™ Program. And it is the commitment of the hundreds of drivers, owners, teams and race fans that continue to fuel the success year after year.


Through the efforts of many generous and talented racing teams and organizations, the Racing Against Cancer™ program has generated in excess of $680,000 for the fight against cancer since the teams’ inception.


We are now on a mission to truly put Racing Against Cancer™ on the map. Beginning in 2011 we will be starting our Track Walk fundraising events to raise funds for cancer research, patient services, and programs.


If you would like to participate in a track walk or help hold a track walk at your local racetrack please contact us directly so we can offer you the needed support to make your desire a reality.  Should you just want to support our efforts in making a donation you can do so by signing up for our “Join the Team” program, all that is required is a $35 donation. Complete details on the “Join the Team” program came be found by clicking here.

Be sure to signup for the RAC newsletter that will provide up date information regarding our track walk and other promotional/fundraising events and the successes of our team members and their fundraising. If you would like to receive via email the monthly RAC newsletter please click here to sign-up. You can also find up to date, day by day info on the RAC facebook account which can be found here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the RAC website.

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